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Our founder, Ben Klein, talks about his personal connection to TMS therapy, and how the success of the treatment drastically improved his daughter's life.
Lisa, one of our clinical specialists, talks about her experience treating patients with depression with TMS therapy.
Chris is a nurse who's excited to say all his patients have found success with TMS therapy at HPR Treatment Centers.
Jose helps people find resolution to their depression every day!
Jay, one of our clinical specialists, has been treating patients for more than 16 years. Hear what he sees as the benefits of TMS therapy.

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My name is DC and I was misdiagnosed with Bipolar disorder for 5 years and in that span of time I was put on 15 different medications. After completing TMS I feel like I am born anew and this treatment is truly a miracle procedure. For the first time in my life I am able to think clearly and articulate what it is I am thinking. When I am speaking I am able to communicate clearly what I am feeling and I can construct my sentences with a positive nature, confidence, and a sense of clarity I didn't have before. My feelings are natural and genuine and I literally feel like a section of my brain has been activated. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who has been debilitated from major depression.The Staff at Paramus TMS is a huge reason to the success of this treatment. Not only was I being treated by a revolutionary procedure I was also under the care of so many amazing people who actually care about the well being of their patients. Lisa was the person who oversaw the treatment and she was always giving me positive reinforcement and was a true friend through the process. I can't thank her and the staff enough for being there for me as one of my biggest support systems. They would listen to me and talk with me with compassion and generosity that you don't find very often. Without out the kindness and love of this staff the procedure could have been a lot different; but, I am blessed to have been under the care of these people and I can not thank them enough for leading me on a path to success.D.C.
I had reached out to TMSCOA around late Spring of 2017, due my gloomy and weary depression. It was an especially difficult time, due to the fact that I was getting through losing my beloved mom to an ugly battle with pancreatic cancer. I am diagnosed with clinical depression and have been in treatment since the 1980's. The different doctors prescribed medications, but they seemed to be helping only somewhat. Now with the wonderful help of my TMS treatments, my future perspective and outlook is much brighter. The very professional TMS technician Alecia P actually treated and helped me as if I were part of her biological family. Her amazing patience in reference to my life-long mishandling of our big time clock has amazed me. She's listened to so many of my tales of woe and past regrets. She has listened, shared, and made such supportive suggestions, I will feel forever indebted to her. Another technician named Aysha has always shown outstanding and sincere care, and has stepped up at any point the aforementioned Alecia couldn't be available (aka incredible teamwork)! Drs.’ AK and S. Savatta were oh-so helpful to me. I could bring the deepest questions to them, even at a moments notice, and they would be there to answer me. Even simply returning my nervous, personal phone calls. May I also thankfully commend TMSCOA's headquarters phone staff on continually fielding any needed current messages for me with concerned warmth.R.C.

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