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Our Story

In Our Founder’s Words:

It was the summer of 2016, and I was strolling in Manhattan with my 17-year-old daughter when my cell phone rang. On the other end was a long-time associate of mine, a doctor. He had an unusual request: Would I help him fund the purchase of a TMS device?

At that time, I had never heard of TMS. When the doctor explained what TMS was, I thought, “Why have I never heard of this?” I had been in health care my entire life, with a focus on behavioral health, and my daughter had suffered with depression her whole life.

Thus began my journey into TMS research and the decision to found HPR Treatment Centers in November 2016.

I learned why TMS wasn’t commonly known or advocated for in the behavioral health community or among people with depression, even though the FDA approved it in 2008:

  1. Limited access – The majority of TMS devices in the U.S. could only be found in small, private psychiatrist offices or major research institutions and hospitals.
  2. Limited insurance coverage – Until 2013, commercial insurance providers didn’t cover TMS treatments, so the average patient couldn’t afford the out-of-pocket costs of TMS.
  3. Limited marketing – Unlike the marketing that large pharmaceutical companies do for antidepressants, the manufacturers of TMS devices didn’t aggressively market this innovative, groundbreaking treatment.

When I researched how effective TMS treatments are, I realized

it offered a better way for people suffering with MDD [major depressive disorder] and other behavioral health challenges to find hope, peace, and recovery. And they could find it without medication or medication-like side-effects and without an invasive treatment like ECT.

I made it my mission to make TMS available to anyone and everyone who could benefit. I opened TMS centers across the country. Now people with depression, OCD, PTSD, or anxiety don’t have to seek out psychiatrists who have TMS devices or get referrals for research centers or hospitals.

Since 2016, HPR Treatment Centers has partnered with the most talented, highly skilled physicians and clinicians. In New Jersey, we’ve affiliated ourselves with St. Joseph’s and Trinitas hospitals, joining forces to build TMS treatment centers for those hospitals’ patients to seek innovative behavioral health treatments.

We’ve opened more than 35 centers in 12 states. And we’re still expanding!

In the summer of 2017, my daughter, who had suffered from depression her whole life, received TMS treatments. Afterwards she said, “Two things have saved my life: my dog and TMS treatments.” She is a different kid. TMS has impacted all of our lives in a way we could never have imagined or prayed for.

– Ben Klein



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